Be Vulnerable

“Stop! Hold it! Vulnerable you said? But aren’t we supposed to be strong in the Lord?”

*Smiley face* Today we’re talking about worship, just from a slightly different perspective.

Worship, in a nutshell, is our response to God’s revelation of Himself to us. It cannot occur without our obedience to Him and without having a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. When we think of worship, the first thing we think of is bowing down. Well, you’re right it does mean to bow. We bow our ideas, emotions, hearts, bodies, etc to the One who is greater than us.

Moreover, worship is the highest level of intimacy with God. It involves not only our bowing down but it requires our vulnerability. Yup, there’s that word again, I said it. You cannot say that you have truly been intimate with someone unless you have become vulnerable. In the context of marital romance, intimacy involves nakedness, where a woman’s spouse sees all her bodily scars, the areas where she is not so shapely, and so on. All the things that are concealed normally are exposed when that moment of intimacy comes. In a similar way, everything we are and the things we conceal are to be exposed when we come before God in worship. It is more than telling God who He is, He knows that, but to break and spill out before Him is what true worship is.

Let us look at a couple pointers from this view point.

  1. Worship requires you to break open- Like the alabaster box which released an aroma of expensive perfume when it was broken, so too we are to be broken before the Lord, releasing the contents of our heart to Him


  1. The point of intimacy is that you trust the one with whom you are intimate. Worship creates the avenue to release your fears- As God reveals Himself, all fear is cast out as His perfect love enfolds you

As you see into the heart of God through worship, you will be motivated to be unashamedly open with Him. Those things that you hide from other people, you should not hide them when you worship God. Be vulnerable! David said so many times, “My heart faints for You”. You can faint in the arms of Jesus, He will hold you up!



Father, You are the one with whom I can be completely vulnerable without being afraid of being taken advantage of. I trust You today with my fears and with my everything. Even as you gave Your all on the cross, I give You my all today, every hidden thing, I expose it to you now, in Jesus name. Amen


2 thoughts on “Be Vulnerable

  1. This is great. I Thank God for your contribution to the growth of the saints. I do like this concept of ‘vulnerability’.


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