Soul Ties

A soul tie is an intense emotional or spiritual connection between two individuals that occurs in the realm of the soul (mind, will, emotions). Soul ties can either be godly or ungodly and both types can occur within Christian to Christian relations on any level.


You can know whether a soul tie is godly or ungodly by the fruit it produces. A godly soul tie will help you to be focused, it will push you to grow, develop holistically and help you to draw closer to God. A godly soul tie confronts your dysfunction and challenges you to be better. Scripture says as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. (Proverbs 27:17NIV). An example of a godly soul tie is between David and Jonathan. (1Samuel 18:1-5)

An ungodly soul tie on the other hand, will do the opposite. It will distract you, draw you away from the Lord and encourage your dysfunction. An ungodly soul tie will cause you to be stagnant and derail you from purpose/destiny. An example of an ungodly soul tie is with Sampson and Delilah. We see here, that Delilah acted as a derailing agent to derail Sampson from his purpose. (Judges 16:4-20)

Soul ties are strengthened by intimacy in the context of foreplay and sexual intercourse. Within the marital covenant, it produces a stronger bond between husband and wife and this is healthy. Sexual relations outside of the marital covenant, produces fruit that it not pleasing to God and gives more room for demonic entities to operate within that relationship.

It is important to evaluate relationships, whether platonic and/or romantic, to determine whether godly or ungodly soul ties exist and to seek the Lord moving forward for the wisdom and grace to be aligned to His will for your life.


Father, I know that You want me to have healthy, godly relationship and godly soul ties that will help me to draw closer to You and fulfill my destiny. I pray today that You would help me to recognize ungodly soul ties in my life and give me the grace to do what You require of me so that I may please You, in Jesus name, Amen.



By Joanna Lloyd


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