Come To The Water

Come to the water,
You who are thirsty
Come and drink,
Come drink of life
Come drink of love,
Come and be filled
Come just as you are,
Whether you feel near
Or whether you’re far
Come and drink
For My water is meet for the thirsty
My stream is life for the weary
Come to the stillness of My banks
Come with nothing,
But a cup in your hand
Come all you who feel torment
Come lay by my stream
All you who feel burdened
Come to the water

Come oh indifferent one
You who have no rest
Come drink of this water
For I have given you my best
You shall never thirst again
No, no never shall you thirst again
My water is life to your bones
And healing for your pain
Come and be refreshed
You who labour continually
Come drink, come and rest
There is abundance, be refreshed!

By Joanna Lloyd


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