From My Heart: Moments of Transparency

Today I would like to speak to you from my heart. I was not sure about what I wanted to share with you today, so why not some transparency?

I have learned that you will be tested on what you preach or confess. This has proven to be true on various occasions and yesterday was no exception. It was a hard day! I was faced with the same question that was proposed in Wednesday’s devotion.”Shall I bless the Lord at ALL times?” Psalm34

It was another day in the life with herniated discs; two (2) of them. I was aching all over, my sinuses were bothersome, my tummy was bothersome. I pushed through it in the morning to get some writing and stretches done but in the afternoon, I almost fell apart!  For the entire day, this question kept bombarding my mind and I answered, “yes, I shall bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually be in my mouth.”

In moments of immense pain, I gave God praise, looking at the positives: I can still walk, though not comfortably, but I’m not paralyzed; I am able to use my skill to bless others, aye! It’s very difficult to write by the way, but God gives the grace every moment, every day! I wish I could say that I kept it together in this test all the way, I did not, but I did try. I had so many concerns, so much anxiety. I was bummed out about the fact that I cannot live a normal life in terms of accomplishing every day tasks, I was bummed out about not being able to accomplish more in the day. On top of that I felt like I was hitting a wall every time I went to pray. Urghh! I had it!! At 7pm I decided that I was not going to try anymore, I was ready for bed. I prepped for bed and went to lay down.


It was in that moment that I broke. I praised God and praised Him until tears began to stream down my face. I had a vulnerable moment, where I exposed my heart’s contents and my fears to Him. In that moment He drew near to me as I did to Him and ministered His strength, grace and love to me. I did not feel useless anymore, and although I was still having pain, I could bear it because He was bearing me up. I thank God for those moments. In them, we are reminded of our need of Him and of the great truth that we can do NOTHING without Him.

Today I want to encourage you. No matter what you are going through, no matter how hard it is, choose to praise God anyway. I am certain that there is at least one thing that you can give God praise for. It is in the hardest moments that our true confession comes to light. It is easy to say bless the Lord when everything is in place, but can you really bless the Lord when all hell seems to be breaking loose? Will you bless and worship Him when you are in your most uncomfortable state?

I challenge you to make the decision before the storm comes, that you will bless the Lord. While in the storm, make the decision to bless Him. He loves you soooooooooooo much! Know that He will never leave you alone in the storm. Hold on! Bless the Lord! Your praise will herald your victory and declare your exit from war into the place of victory and peace! Bless the Lord!




Father, I thank You for testing my confession, the things that I say to You and about You when all is well. Today I make the decision to be consistent in my confession and in my praise to You. When the storm comes, Lord I will choose to bless you because I know that You will give me the grace to endure and to triumph, in Jesus name, Amen.



By Joanna Lloyd


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