Prophetic Word: The Burden Of The Lord For Leaders

Good morning!!

This is a prophetic word that the Lord released to me which is connected to Friday’s devotion. I pray that it ministers to you.

I see many of you with the call to leadership hanging over your heads. I see Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, fighting within yourselves, knowing the call of God but being afraid to walk into it. I see you fighting to live like you are not called, fighting to be ordinary, fighting to find creative ways to work around the call on your life. Some you have started things like study groups, blogs, prayer groups and even Face Book groups, but you should be in MINISTRY TRAINING. You need to be submitted to the leader who will groom you.

The Lord says this is the season where I am shaking you out of your comfort zones and I am bringing situations your way that are going to send out loud signals that reveal your calling and expose the gifting in you. I hear the Lord say you shall no more hide for you shall be exposed. You will be exposed to your destiny helpers, you will be exposed to your mothers and fathers in the spirit, those who will mentor you and carry you to the point of your destiny. You shall no more hide!



Father, I thank You for all those who are called to the five fold, destined to be in ministry leadership. I thank You making Your will clear to them, in Jesus’s name. I pray now that you will minister to the readers of this prophecy. Confirm callings Lord; and for those who are not called to these areas of leadership, place in them the fire for intercession and the zeal to do your will. Let Your will be done in earth, as it is in Heaven and let Your body function according to You design, in Jesus name. For I believe Lord that the word shall be fulfilled that You shall fill ALL things, even as You bring Your bride into perfect alignment in this season. I pray this in Jesus’ mighty name, AMEN!


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