The Raising Of Born Leaders

Leaders recognize potential leaders. They are responsible to train them, raise them and release them to walk into their destinies. A man of God said this recently and it really stuck with me. He said that no longer do some people wait to be platformed by a ministry leader, they create their own platforms; they launch out on their own and are not submitted.

An individual runs the risk of aborting his or her purpose because they have chosen to go out on their own as opposed to being groomed and released into that place of purpose. Now I am speaking specifically of those who have the calling of leadership on their lives. To be called is not sufficient to qualify you to function, you have to be submitted, trained and released by your leader. Having gifts is not sign that you should immediately build a platform. Your character, among other things is built through PROCESS. There are many examples in the Scripture of born, anointed leaders who occupied their office long after they were anointed.

Jesus: The born Saviour of mankind who only started ministry at the age of thirty (30). Luke3:23

David: He was anointed as a youth but over a decade passed before he actually became king. (1 Samuel16; 2 Samuel 5)

Paul: Although He encountered and was sent forth by Christ Himself, He went to present and submit himself first to Ananias (Acts 9:11-17) and to the other Apostles before he advanced in ministry. (Acts 9:27-28)

To fulfill your purpose, there is process. Leaders play an integral role in facilitating this process. They have the anointing to identify and root out the things in you that have the potential to destroy you and your purpose; they teach you the fundamental principles of successfully fulfilling your assignment as well as the things that you should avoid. There is much wisdom that is gleaned from a mature leader that helps to birth maturity in you. As stated before, they train potential leaders not only through the dissemination of vital information but also through the delegation of responsibilities.

I am learning more and more the importance of being submitted and humbly going through the preparation before the entry into the place of purpose. When I was unlearned, I just wanted to be launched out, because the gifs on my life are strong; but I have come to appreciate the process, recognizing that without process, you cannot be sustained in purpose.

Do not go rogue! Submit and be processed. Pray to the Lord that He will lead you to the right leader or that your current leader will be equipped and able to groom you and release you into destiny places.


Let Us Pray

Father, I understand that Your plan for me is bigger than me. I do not know all that I need to know in order to successfully accomplish it but I am trusting You and those who You have placed in my life to help me to be equipped as I submit. I pray that You will guide me through this process and let Your word do an irreversible work in me so that I will effectively carry out my purpose. I pray in Jesus’ name, AMEN!



By Joanna Lloyd


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