Fear Dissected


At one point or another in our lives, we deal with fear of some sort. Whether it is fear of a person, place, animal or thing, it exists in any shape or form and confronts every person that walks this earth. We as believers are constantly reminded of relevant scripture verses that should be written in our hearts in those times of fear. Among these are 2 Timothy 1:7- “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.” Beyond rehearsing Scripture verses of such like, there is more that we can do to not only escape the feelings, pressure and torment of fear within the moment, but to address and eliminate the source of our fears. This is the objective of this series.

Today, we will look a few scriptural references concerning fear and come up with a working definition for what it is. After today, you will not only see fear as something you should not have in your life, but it will have an identity. You will know the true identity of fear.

  1. Fear is perverted faith

Faith is the supernatural ability of God in you to trust Him and believe His report on a matter. “He that comes to God must believe that He IS.” Hebrews11:6. In contrast, fear then is the lack or absence of this supernatural ability that results in the lack of trust and belief in God and/or His word.

It is not possible to have faith and fear, just the same as oil cannot mix with water. The two are distinct in their nature and cannot be mixed.

  1. Fear is the evidence that one has not been perfected in or grown to the full understanding of God’s love. (1 John4:18)

Outside of being perfected in God’s love, you will live in a state of pessimism, expecting the worse in every situation, failing to believe what the Lord says. This results in torment; fear and torment exist together.

  1. Fear subjects you to bondage

Romans 8:15 says, “For you have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear”. Fear produces bondage; you become enslaved by the very thing that you fear. Job said, “The thing that I feared the most has come upon me.” (Job 3:25) Fear inhibits you, clouds your decision making. It prevents you from experiencing the liberty and walking in the dominion that Christ secured for you.


I remember clearly refusing to enter someone’s yard because I was deathly afraid of the person’s dog. I was willing to sacrifice what turned out to be a very productive studio session because of my fear of that dog. Although it was untied, there was someone there who was able to keep it under subjection but I would not budge, until finally I decided to walk into the yard, while still in fear.

So, what is fear? Fear is the absence or lack of God’s supernatural ability in you that results in lack of belief in Him and/or His word and subjects you to bondage. Further to this, it is the evidence of foundational flaw, being the absence of growth/maturity in God’s love.



Father, I can identify areas in my life that I am fearful. (Begin to verbalize those things, for example, Lord I am fearful of the future, I am afraid of being hurt).

I humbly ask Lord that You would help me to begin to take the steps that are necessary to come out of this bondage I have been brought under because of fear. I know that You reveal those things to redeem me. I thank You for this insight that I have received today and I commit to learning how to practically COME OUT of fear. I pray in Jesus name, AMEN!



By Joanna Lloyd


One thought on “Fear Dissected

  1. In churchianity I’ve heard FEAR being seen as an aconym meaning False Evidence Appearing Real…. whatever we may say in church, fear is a creppling phenomenon which hinders growth and progress. Thanks for your input.

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