Flawed? Valuable!

Ok, so I decided to give you a closer look into the life of this blogger. My hope is to encourage you guys to pursue the will of God no matter what stands in your way. This is not something that I speak about in depth but here goes.

Today marks five (5) years since I sustained two (2) herniated discs in my lumbar spine. I do not consider it to be a celebratory occasion in certain respects, no one celebrates pain; but I celebrate the grace and goodness of God.

It has been a long, excruciating journey, the depth of which I cannot adequately describe. I must say however, that I am better now than I was five years ago and that I’m working towards functionality and stability.

The hardest thing for me, has been to acknowledge that this injury has left me disabled by certain standards. While I have somewhat basic motor function, and my mental capacity is through the roof, I am unable to work to sustain myself. I guess I’m now having a different view of disabled people. Often time they are portrayed as the hopeless, persons who are incapacitated in every respect, the rejected of society, but all disability is not the same. As such, I am learning to have a greater appreciation for the disabled, especially those who have defied the odds and are making huge contributions to humanity.

I said to a friend of mine recently, having a broken tail light, broken mirrors or dents does not disqualify a vehicle from being a vehicle. It still gets you from point A to B. In the same way, having a flaw does not make you less human. No matter what your challenges are, there is something that you can do, there is purpose for you to fulfill. For some like myself, our barriers are literally our own bodies, but there are ways to use what you have to make a difference. I personally am still trying to figure out how to manoeuvre this damaged vehicle. While I wait on the Lord for a miracle in my body, I have to continue to drive, because I must get to my destiny by the grace of God and for His glory.

I do not know what your experience or challenge is, but I do know the God who is bigger than everything that is too big for us. Trust Him always. You can and will make it!

Walk Victorious!

Joanna Lloyd


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