Where Are The Roots?

Have you ever tried to remove weeds in your yard? What happens when you use the grass cutter versus when you root them out manually? The result is that what you used the cutter to remove will grow back while what you rooted up will not. The reason for this is because the root of what was cut remained inside the ground. In like manner, you can address fear when it manifests by rebuking it in passing, but if you do not get to the root of it, to expose and disarm the source of your fear, you will continue to have recurring cycles of this attack.


The account concerning King Hezekiah in 2 Kings 19 gives us some pragmatics on how to address the source of our fear. To give some context, Israel was in a lot of trouble because they were walking in rebellion to God. When this happened, God would allow them to be taken into captivity by their enemies. Well, the king of Assyria rose up against Israel and issued some very confident, violent threats. Upon hearing the proclamation of this enemy, Hezekiah rent his clothes, covered himself with sackcloth and went into the house of the Lord.

  1. Fear of Assyria’s army drove him to the house of the Lord. (2 Kings 19:1)

Hezekiah knew that Israel was in trouble. But in the face of this fear, He ran into the house of the Lord. Have you ever wondered why there is usually a chapel at hospitals? It is a place of refuge for the fearful, for those who have received bad news, those who are hoping for the best. In the same way, the presence of the Lord should be the first place to run to in the face of terrifying news.

  1. Hezekiah sought the word of the Lord on the matter by sending his officials to the Prophet (2 Kings 19:2-5)

The threats of the enemy are ever so loud, but God’s word is weightier. Therefore, we should seek what God is saying about any situation that we face. It can be a verse of scripture or a word of prophecy.

  1. Hezekiah spreads the report of Assyria’s king before the Lord, and prayed. (2 Kings 19:14-19)

Have you had an unsettling report? Bring that report to the Lord, expose it before Him and pray. You should not conceal it in our hearts and put on a façade to pretend that all is well. Expose it! Exposing the thing that has come to breed fear and unsettle you strips it of its power to overwhelm you. It lays the roots bare! It brings its hidden agenda to light! The key to getting to the root of a thing is to expose it. In this case Hezekiah knew that the destabilization came as a result of the King’s threats, and so he brought it to the Lord in detail.


We see further that the prayer of Hezekiah addressed this threat on all levels. 2 Kings19:15-19. He destroyed the power of the threat by reminding himself of God’s grandeur; recognizing that the words spoken by the enemy were contrary to God’s word and nature; and he saw this situation as an opportunity for God to show forth His glory and to shame the enemy. Seeds of fear are constantly planted in our minds by the enemy and they pull our emotions out of alignment. To uncover the mask of emotions is to expose the fear that is driving it. Don’t just rebuke fear in passing, keep digging until the roots are exposed and pull them out!


Father, You created me for peace. Lord, fear robs me of peace. This day I come before You with all the barrage of emotions that have overwhelmed me, I come with those fears and I spread them before You. (List them before the Lord). Father, I also recognize that those things do not align with Your word over my life and situation, therefore I disarm them now, I uproot them now and I apply Your word. In every situation Lord, show forth Your power, for every challenge creates space for Your glory to enter. I acknowledge and confess that You are greater than every fear that I have. You are the powerful One! You are matchless! There is nothing that can stand against You. Therefore let Your greatness be magnified in my life, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN!



By Joanna Lloyd


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