Planted: Destined To Thrive

One of the most powerful things that the Lord gave me through this series is the revelation of where we are planted. This has helped me tremendously especially considering that in this world, there are so many things determined to uproot and destabilize the people of God.

As we saw in the text Isaiah 5:1-2, the vineyard was on a fruitful hill. We are indeed seated in heavenly places, in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 2:6). Therefore, the conditions on this earth, in this life should not affect our growth or our ability and mandate to produce the best fruit. We can be fruitful and thrive in the worst earthly conditions because we are NOT planted in this Terra firma.

Here are some points to remember in every situation:

blur bulb close up glass

  • We are in the world, not of it
  • We are on earth, but not planted here
  • We are planted in Christ – our life is hid in Christ in God
  • We are seated in heavenly places in Christ

This terra ferma and the conditions therein do NOT have the power to dictate, facilitate, hinder our growth or affect our fruit production because we are NOT PLANTED HERE! The conditions where we are planted are PERFECT for our free growth, upward growth and the production of sweet fruit. We are destined to thrive!


Say with me:

I am protected where I am planted; I am nourished where I am planted

I am dressed where I am planted; I am well watered where I am planted

I can thrive here, because I am planted in the BEST conditions, with the best vine! Therefore I will produce the BEST fruit; in Jesus’ name, AMEN!

By Joanna Lloyd


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