Sweet Wine: Maturity

Hey lovely people! Today we will be looking at two other traits which characterize wine. They are acidity and Tannin.

2. Acidity

The PH of the wine is directly related to the ripeness of the grapes. The acidity of the wine acts as a preservative; the riper the grapes, the less acidic they become.

3. Tannin – Astringent or Bitterness

This aspect of wine adds balance, complexity, structure and makes the wine last longer. The higher level of bitterness comes from extremely young wines that have not matured.

As we see here, both the traits of Acidity and Tannin are related to the ripeness of the grapes. This says to us that the grapes have to be harvested at just the right time. In the same way, to be effective in our preservative nature in this world, we need to attain to maturity. This is achieved when the love of God grows in us and our fruit are manifested the more.


On this wise, Jesus says in John 15:16, that we should bear fruit that will remain or last. The way that our fruit will last is if it has attained to maturity. Keep in mind that this is the fruit that becomes one of the most desired beverages on the planet!

We grow in maturity through studying and living by the word, prayer and worship. Through fellowship with God, His love is perfected in us and we allow this love to flow out of us to others. It is also important to be surrounded by people who are able to aid in your growth and maturity. Community is important! Perhaps contrary to popular belief, this growth is necessary! It does not stop at Salvation, it begins there. We ought to remember that it is our presence on this earth that preserves it and so we should strive to mature in every area of our lives.

Are you growing? Is your fruit visible and mature? #introspect


Father, Your word declares that you are changing us from glory to glory and transforming us into the likeness of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am grateful to be chosen as one who is being challenged to grow. I humble myself and submit to you as my teacher, as the one who facilitates my growth. Please help me to see the areas in my life that are bitter and not strong enough to be a preservative. I pray this in Jesus’ name, AMEN!

By Joanna Lloyd


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