Sweet Wine: Bold Body

Happy Monday!

I trust that this series has been enlightening to you as it has been to me. We’re truly blessed on this journey. So far we have looked at three different traits of wine namely, Sweetness, Acidity and Tannin. We spoke of sweetness as a first impression and acidity and tannin as being related to maturity.

Today we look at the final two traits of wine.

4. Alcohol content

Alcohol, as we know, brings warmth; it consitutes the boldness of the wine. Wine with higher alcohol contents are said to be more bold.

Another noteworthy thing is that a person’s genetics plays a role in how sweet/bitter alcohol tastes to you. In the same way, what is active in your heart determines your perception and response when confronted by God’s word through His son/daughter or by their presence. Bitter as in something you would reject or sweet, being something you would easily accept. Whether it is bitter or sweet to you, its presence cannot be denied.

The presence of God’s sons and daughters may deemed pleasant or offensive, depending on what is active in the heart of the one who is impacted by our presence. We are BOLD! Scripture declares that the righteous are as bold as a lion. (Proverbs 28:1); and in another place Jesus says that He did not come to bring peace, but a sword. (Matthew 10:34-36). This means that as we walk out our obedience to God, it may well be offensive to those who have set their hearts against God.

white labeled bottle on brown wooden surface

5. Body

The overall impression of the wine is known as the body. It is the result of wine variety, where it is from, its vintage, alcohol level and how it is made. Wine can range from light to full bodied.

The proportion or balance of the four (4) traits of wine aforementioned determine the body and the boldness of the wine.

In the same way, our obedience to God through the operation of spiritual gifts, translates to this wine, which is of great value. As we know, there are different gifts and administrations which enable us to reach a wide range of people. Thus, as there are different types of bodies and boldness of wines, there are the operations of different giftings as we manifest our obedience to God. Each is important, each appeals to a particular type of audience. The ultimate question remains, “Is the Kingdom of God being advanced through God being glorified?”


Father, I desire that I become all that You have designed me to be. I want my obedience to You to yield sweet fruit, to be poured out as wine that brings healing and joy to this earth. I pray that You will help me to yield wholly to You as You teach me how to please You. I pray in Jesus’ name, AMEN.

By Joanna Lloyd



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