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Hello There!

My name is Joanna Lloyd, from beautiful Dominica (West Indies). I am so passionate about destroying the weapon of ignorance and helping people to unearth the hidden gems within them by teaching them how to appropriate Kingdom principles in every day life. I have been an avid writer from the very first time I laid hold of a pen. I have over many years developed this powerful tool to be able to bring insight and wholeness to others. 

No matter where you are in your life or walk with God, you are on the right side of the internet. 🙂 Whether you are struggling to find stability in your life and thinking, whether in search of answers, upliftment or you are just browsing, you are guaranteed to leave with some treasures! 

In my life’s journey, I have had to learn a plethora of things on my own, most times through trial and major error. As I matured I learnt some very vital principles that echo throughout the Word of God. I have found and continue to find simple, life changing truths and principles that have shifted my belief system and enabled me to live a more victorious life. I have known seasons of continuous defeat in my thinking, my health, finances and emotions. I was frustrated, having questions that I was too embarrassed to ask and after earnestly seeking God for breakthrough, I began to delve into the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit brought great wisdom and insight that is thoroughly transforming my life season by season.

I would like to share those treasures with you!